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Hi, newly vegan mother of 5 children under 15 years of age, fashonista, inventor and a woman  that truly cares about our health as women. I was introduced to Cherish by a family member and she was so bubbly with joy that I just had to know more. More importantly, to know and research how toxic, harmful and life threatening the products available to women every month from puberty to menopause between the age of 10 - 50 years of age are made me sick to my stomach. Ladies think about it for a minute, ypu are paying someone to kill you slowly, poising you for the inside out for 40 plus years. Come on we can do better and Cherish will help us get there.

I personally had a fight with PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) casused by Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) aquired from the use of Tampons Tampax brand. Shocked never knew it could happen to me, funny how the hospital almost misdiagnosed me. I could've been a victim and what would my children do?! I remember the feeling sick to my stomach, faintish, light headed, having a fever, you think it'll never happen to me!! I thought that too, that was until it happened! This memory fresh in my mind pushed me to educate and guide others away from the use of big brand sanitary products.

 When you do the research we have used what was provided and many alternatives to big brands that are all natrual are very few and or not as great as Cherish premium high quality brand. The testimonials speak for themselves along with the absorbent test 300× more amazing.  It's finally our time as women to feel empowered with the ability to choose and I choose to cherish my body so should you because they don't. Since I am a former consumer of these same killer brands, I truly appreciate your stance against big brand with us Thank you for stopping by and always cherish your body by guarding your health.- Jojo

P.S. I will be offering my all natural and organic products geared to helping us all live like we cherish life and our bodies ...muahz